Burnout is viewed as a complex, multifaceted response syndrome to chronic occupational stresses and insufficient recovery (Langelaan, Bakker, Schaufeli, van Rhenen & van Dooren, 2006; Salvador & Rothman, 2005)

Although symptoms of burnout may vary, it is often exhibited in five areas: physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual and can manifest on either individual, interpersonal and/or organisational level. 

Feelings and Emotions of Burnout

Powerless;     Failure;     Hopelessness;     Emotional exhaustion;     Despair;   Detachment;     Isolation;    Frustration;    Being trapped;     Irritability;    Apathy


Stress versus Burnout:

Stress                                                               Burnout

Characterized by overengagement       ⇔        Characterized by disengagement

Emotions are overreactive                    ⇔         Emotions are blunted

Produces urgency and hyperactivity     ⇔         Produces helplessness and hopelessness

Loss of energy                                     ⇔         Loss of motivation, ideals, and hope

Leads to anxiety disorders                   ⇔         Leads to detachment and depression

Primary damage is physical                  ⇔         Primary damgae is emotional

May kill you prematurely                       ⇔         May make life seem not worth living

(Stress and Burnout in Ministry)


Burnout is NOT a condition that gets better by being ignored...... NOR is it any kind of disgrace. 

Assessments, evaluations, stress profiles and new strategies for the way forward necessary!



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